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The Gulliver Project


The Gulliver Project is an odyssey. It investigates leaving, what causes us to leave, the regrets of leaving, the things we leave behind. It examines that, which we want to run away from and cannot escape and the things we want to keep and find we are losing. The Project explores the involuntary, almost irrational need to leave and the futility of trying to reclaim that which no longer exist, exept in reflection. In this, the company was brought to consider the nature of memory loss and the precise mechanisms inovolved in storing and retrieving information. These phenomena, largely determined by sensory association present a viable opportunity for dramatic expression.

Our intent is to evoke personal response from the audience. We work withing an open-ended structure where there is room left for individual interpretation; there is no moral or ultimate message. Our purpose, our artistic vision if you will, is to get each person to introspect, creating a personal context for how he or she interprets the story line. In this way, everyone comes away, in essence, having seen a different play. The performance is only truly completed when each person has added  theid own life experiences into the mix.