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Lacey Creighton

“Lacey Creighton, unforgettable as a disabled machine” Leslie Barcza of barczablog


“Of particular note is the standout physical acting of Lacey Creighton, who delivers a startlingly engrossing performance of an idealized robotic geisha.  Her focused movement and peculiar vocalizations are alone reason enough to see this play.”

– Nick Kirvago of Provocative Penguin


“The stand-out performance was that of the robot/doll. Her entrance was my favourite moment and her movement was flawless: her tea pouring was seamless, and her voice! Well, I am still trying to figure out how she did that, but it was fantastic.”

Lucy Eveleigh of Mooney On Theatre


Lacey Creighton is an Actor, Artist and Freelance Photographer/Graphic Designer currently working in Toronto.

From 2006-2009 she trained at Humber College’s Theatre & Performing Arts Program.  During her time there, highlights include: dancing in The Firebird by Igor Stravinsky (choreographed by Sharon Moore and directed by Tatiana Jennings) for Danceries at The TCA, performing as an actor in Theatre Smith-Gilmour’s original production GRIMM, as well as the very physical role of Thebe, a butoh-inspired water nymph in Pentheus (for The City of Wine presented by Nightswimming Theatre), directed by Tatiana Jennings.

During her final semester at Humber she began her work with The Kadozuke Kollektif.  In 2009, Lacey performed in Kadozuke’s Dream Pandemic for Toronto’s Nuit Blanche and in Kadozuke’s 2010 premiere production of CODEX NOCTURNO, as the desirable yet deeply tragic automaton.

In 2011, Lacey endearingly disturbed audiences as the darkly naïve character Fanchette in Beaumarchais’ The Marriage of Figaro.

In film, Lacey has been seen on Global television portraying the infamous Amanda Knox in a series based on true-life events.  She has also played leading roles in four independent short films (one created for TIFF).

Visit her on Tumblr