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Kadozuke Kollektif is a Toronto-based theatre company that develops and produces multidisciplinary original work, which explores subjects of consciousness, mind-body interactions and perceptions of reality.

Our projects combine originally developed text and choreography with the elements of art and video installation. Performances are presented in diverse urban settings whose character suits the particular mood of each production. The company was created in 2004 by director/choreographer Tatiana Jennings and a group of Humber College Theatre Program Graduates.

Kadozuke Kollectif takes its name from the ancient Japanese tradition of “players at the gate”. As performers were not allowed to enter the premises, they staged their art at the periphery, in-between two worlds. In this, players were also able to attract a spontaneous audience, catching the attention of passers-by who would stop and lose themselves in the hypnotic rhythm of the performance. Our intent, like that of our Kadozuke forebears is to create an artistic interlude, a place in-between two worlds where the individual can pause to contemplate the wonder of time slowed and is set free to invoke personal imagery and memories.

KADOZUKE Kollektif is Home Sweet Home in The Junction

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