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Brandon Calvert & Martin Walder

Brandon Calvert first joined Kadozuke Kollektif as Production Designer in 2007 with Co-Designer Martin Walder. The two have gone on to provide Sets for 6 of the last 8 Kadozuke productions: The Gulliver Project 2007, Sandman 2008, The Marriage of Figaro 2007, 2011, and Codex Nocturno 2010, 2011. Through his life Brandon has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity to be inspired by a variety of artists and cultures. He Graduated form Ontario College of Art and Design with a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art in 2007. He spent his next 5 years perusing a career in production design in the Toronto film industry. He has had the opportunity over those years to work as, and along side several Set Decorators, Prop Buyers and Art Directors on a variety of projects ranging from feature films to commercial shoots to music videos. Brandon derives great inspiration from surreal imagery and has a love for the rural landscapes and abandoned buildings that decorate the Ontario landscape that he grew up in. Brandon lives in Toronto and also produces work as a Cartoon Illustrator, Photographer and Short Film/Video Artist. To contact him please email brandon@meleghos.com

Martin Walder began working with Kadozuke as production co-designer in 2007, creating sets, props, effects and music for; Figaro(2007, 2011), The Gulliver Project(2007) The Sandman(2008), A Dream Pandemic(2009) and Codex Nocturno(2010,2011). With a lifetime of extensive experience in many areas of fabrication, construction and engineering, his evolution towards becoming a designer was natural. A multi-disciplinary artist who works in wood, steel, plastic,fabric and sound, Martin has always been inspired by the strong, structural, post industrial/Steam Punk esthetic that dominated the world he grew up in. Helping his father run the manufacturing side of their families small ‘Assistive Devices’ business since the age of 12, built a strong foundation for future learning. Martin studied fashion design and technology at George Brown College from 2000 to 2002, received the highest evaluation scores on both of the clothing lines he produced, being awarded ‘Most Innovative Designer’ at the second year fashion show. In 2005 he studied Sustainable Building Design and Construction at Flemming college. The idea of Sustainability further reinforced the recycled post-industrial/Steam Punk design aesthetic and gave it practical purpose. When he’s not working with Kadozuke, he spends his time working in film/commercials as a set builder/decorator or in residential renovations. He also produces music under the monachre The Abominable Hominid and collaborates often with local artists Senru and Bianca Magpie(AKA Brooke Stubbings).

Brandon Calvert & Martin Walder